Integrated Care Search (ICS)

ICS allows you to efficiently retrieve integrated care literature via the PubMed database.

ICS has been rigorously developed with flexibility in mind, meaning you can search for integrated care using one of the following approaches:

  • Selecting ICS broad which conducts a search with high recall – retrieving a high number of relevant IC articles, but also retrieving a greater proportion of less relevant articles.
  • Selecting ICS narrow which conducts a search with high precision – retrieving a greater proportion of relevant IC articles, but having overall lower recall.

Further, you will be able to focus the results by clicking on one of 35 pre-written topic searches, covering different geographic regions, care settings, populations and facets of integrated care.

You will also be able to refine the results using your own keywords, PubMed filter options (e.g. full text articles) and publication dates.

Integrated Care Search offers these advantages:

  • It is an ‘evidence based’ search with a known level of recall and precision
  • It provides the user with the ability to adapt the search to favour recall or precision
  • It was developed under the guidance of international Integrated Care experts
  • It can assist both experienced and inexperienced searchers to search effectively
  • It saves time by providing a pre-written search
  • It is always up-to-date as it provides real time searches in PubMed

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