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Integrated care settings

Specific integrated care populations

Integrated Care by Geography

*Western Europe as defined by United Nations Regional Groups.

Integrated Care by Country Income

by World Bank rankings 2017

Specific Facets of IC

Facet of IC: Includes:
Person-centred care The active engagement of service users through: health literacy; self care; carer support; shared decision-making; electronic health records
Organisation of care How providers come together to provide care: organisational capabilities; readiness; implementation; linkages; policies; models; strategies; CQI
Care coordination How care services are coordinated around the needs of service users: continuity of care; transitions; pathways; coordinators; multidisciplinary assessment and planning.
Finance and incentives (e.g. contracting) Studies reporting the financial barriers and incentives to implementing integrated care.
Workforce and professional integration Partnerships between professionals: inter- and multi-disciplinary teamwork; collaborative agreements; shared accountability and responsibility; collaborative attitude.
Governance and accountability The mechanisms of governance and accountability (i.e. policy, leadership, and transparency) that guide integrated care delivery, in the fulfillment of population health goals.
Evaluation of IC Studies reporting evaluations and measured outcomes of integrated care programs and initiatives.
Culture and values Studies describing the interplay between integrated care and values-based practice/organizational culture.