Searching other databases for integrated care literature

Integrated Care Search (narrow version) has been translated for a selection of databases outside of PubMed. Relevant search strings are provided below. These can be copied and pasted directly into the database search box. For more focused search results, combine the ICS with your own topic of interest using Boolean operator AND.

Please note that:

  • These translations are not validated so their levels of performance may differ from those achieved by PubMed Integrated Care Search.
  • The databases listed are not freely available and can only be accessed via an institutional subscription. If you don’t have access via your organisation, try contacting your local library to find out the access options available to you.
Database Search Strategy
*Delivery of health care, integrated/ or Integrated,jw. or (integrated health*.mp. and og.xs.)
*Integrated health care system/ OR Integrated,jw OR (integrated health*.mp. and (organization OR organisation OR administration).sh.)
*Integrated Services/ or (“integrated health*” and (organization OR organisation OR administration)).tw,hw.
(MM “Health Care Delivery, Integrated” OR SO “integrated care” OR “integrated care”) OR (“Integrated health*” AND ((MW “AM” OR “EC” OR “LJ” OR “MA” OR “ST” OR “TD” OR “UT”)))
Cochrane Library
  • Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews
  • Cochrane Central Register of Controlled Trials
  • Health Technology Assessment Database
  • NHS Economic Evaluation Database (to April 2015)

“Delivery of health care, integrated” OR “integrated care” OR (“integrated health*” AND (organization OR organisation OR administration))

Other databases
(e.g. Scopus, Web of Science, ProQuest)”integrated care” OR (“integrated health*” AND (organization OR organisation OR administration))