IFIC Canada

Welcome to IFIC Canada

IFIC Canada, the North American Centre for Integrated Care, aims to create a platform to improve the capacity of individuals and organizations in advancing Integrated Care. IFIC Canada will focus on the principle of people-centred, co-designed care. To achieve our goal of progressing Integrated Care throughout North America, we are creating a virtual community to bring together all those involved in Integrated Care.

The IFIC Canada virtual community will have the opportunity to develop through the expertise of global leaders in healthcare inclusive of clinicians, policy makers, academics, patients, clients and caregivers.

IFIC Canada also supported the organization of the 1st North American Conference on Integrated Care (#NACIC2021) that was held in Toronto, October 4 – 7 2021.

The main objectives of IFIC Canada are to:

  • Connect the community to local and global experts, through webinar sessions, video conferences, interviews, international knowledge exchanges, and online resources;
  • Allow the community to identify the gaps and its learning needs about integrated care, empowering you to guide the development of the network;
  • Use learnings from your colleagues to help you implement your integrated care projects; and
  • Create opportunities for peer to peer mentorship and collaboration.

For more information contact IFIC Canada: