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Welcome to IFIC LatAm

Welcome to IFIC LatAm

In the year 2019, a face-to-face meeting took place at the University of Costa Rica (UCR), during which the initiative to establish the Latin American node of the International Foundation for Integrated Care (IFIC) was born. Subsequently, stemming from this meeting, in the year 2020, a collaborative agreement was signed between UCR and IFIC. The primary goal of this agreement was to collaborate in order to advance the fields of science, knowledge, and the adoption of policies and practices related to integrated care.

Following this, a participatory process has been underway in Latin America, driven by an enthusiastic group of individuals with diverse academic and professional backgrounds. These individuals possess experience in integrated healthcare systems and health-related fields, stemming from various universities, research centers, foundations, associations, networks, as well as independent professionals. Their collective aim is to establish and strengthen IFIC LatAm.

IFIC LatAm has the mission to be an organization that promotes integrated health care through research, innovation, education, advocacy, and cooperation in comprehensive health approaches, ensuring rights and human development in the Americas region. Similarly, its vision is to be a leading organization in Integrated Health Care in Latin America, contributing to the assurance of rights and human development in the region.

From IFIC LatAm, significant growth and developmental opportunities are envisaged, allowing the group to continue advancing and contributing to the shared goal of establishing integrated and person-centered care within the Latin American region.

For more information contact IFIC LatAm ificlatam@integratedcarefoundation.org