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International Centre for Integrated Care

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In 2017, the University of the West of Scotland (UWS) established the International Centre for Integrated Care as a global centre of excellence in leading people-centred integrated care, and as the home of IFIC in Scotland.

In 2020, IFIC and UWS refreshed their partnership and, with the Health and Social Care Alliance Scotland (the ALLIANCE), agreed a new Memorandum of Understanding.

The three strategic partners bring their collective expertise to a shared mission:

Co-creating a healthier future with individuals and communities by developing courageous and compassionate leaders and practitioners with the knowledge, skills and confidence to design, deliver and evaluate people-centred integrated care.

Vision, Mission and Values


A global centre of excellence delivering world class education, action research, system coaching and knowledge translation for leading integrated people centred care.


Co-creating a healthier future with people and communities by:

  • developing courageous and compassionate leaders and practitioners with the right knowledge, skills and confidence to design and deliver integrated people centred care
  • translating international evidence to inform policy and to transform practice through interdisciplinary education
  • evidencing the impact of integrated care on the wellbeing and resilience of individuals, communities and systems


  • We foster rights and respect for all
  • We build strong cross sector relationships
  • We create a collaborative learning culture and promote innovation
  • We empower and enable people to lead and effect change together
  • We support globally connected, courageous and compassionate practitioners, leaders, managers and communities
  • We nurture ambition and opportunity so that our people and communities achieve their potential

The collaboration supports five priority areas:

Empowering people and communities

We value the voice of people who use services, carers, communities and Third sector organisations and strive to involve them in all of our work, in collaboration with the ALLIANCE

Leadership and education to shape practice

UWS launched their Leading People-Centred Integrated Care Masters in 2018. To hear from students how the programme adds value in their workplace and the blended learning approach fits around their working life watch this video and read the report 

Engaging in action research and evaluation

Our publications section section has links to our reports and publications.

Influencing policy and system change

Scotland’s integrated care journey offers rich learning for other systems. Our key documents section  – has links to information on the key enablers for integrating health and social care in Scotland and different perspectives on progress and challenges.

Building capability through knowledge exchange and translation

We warmly welcome visitors who wish to understand our health and social care system. Please get in touch with Marie Curran at IFICScotland@integratedcarefoundation.org if you wish to arrange a short study visit or knowledge exchange with our partners.

Our Integrated Care Matters Webinars share evidence, personal insights, practical tips and offer peer support on people-centred integrated care in practice. The recordings, presentations and topic resources can be accessed here. 

Special Interest Groups
On behalf of IFIC, our partners are proud to lead and coordinate seven international communities of practice on specific aspects of integrated care. Find out more information on these and other IFIC Special Interest Groups here.