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Intermediate Care: Integrated Local and Personal
Meet the Authors Journal Club

The Journal of Integrated Care (JICA) recently published a Special Issue on intermediate care in collaboration with IFICs Intermediate Care SIG members from across the globe.  

To celebrate the publication, IFIC Scotland organised a Meet the Authors Journal Club on January 26th .  The session was co-hosted by Dr Axel Kaehne, Editor-in-Chief, and by Prof Anne Hendry, Director IFIC Scotland and Helen Tucker Dickson, President, Community Hospitals Association, joint guest editors for the special issue.

Over 30 participants from four continents gathered to discuss seven of the special issue papers. Thanks to the authors for sharing their interesting research and reflections.



You will find the recording here, presentations slides and flyer with author biographies here .

Downloads of the Special Issue papers and editorial are available at:


Series of Integrated Care Roundtables October 2021 – December 2022

Integrated Care Roundtable
Delivering Outcomes and Value
Dec 6th 12 – 2pm

Register here

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The 2011 Christie Commission Report on public service reform emphasised the importance of local
and national bodies working together to achieve agreed outcomes. The Community Empowerment
(Scotland) Act 2015 put the outcomes approach to public services on a statutory footing. The National
Performance Framework, launched jointly by the Scottish Government and CoSLA in June 2018,
provides a structure which the Scottish Government, public bodies and their partners should use to
deliver and track progress on eleven long term outcomes, underpinned by 81 national performance
indicators. However, outcomes are more difficult to measure than activities, outputs and short term
targets. At a time when our public services face unprecedented economic and workforce challenges,
how do we maintain Scotland’s commitment to an Outcomes approach and to community
empowerment and delivering public value?


Participants and panellists will explore the contribution of an Outcomes approach to improving
population health and demonstrating value from integrated care


  • Are personal outcomes really at the heart of our strategic planning, commissioning and
    performance improvement?
  • How can we better evidence outcomes and value for people and communities?
  • What support does the workforce need to adopt an outcomes approach?
  • Will the current economic and recovery context invigorate or stifle an outcomes approach?
  • Should we have a new NPF outcome on care

Organisational, Clinical and Care Governance
Roundtable 13th September

Prof Anne Hendry, Director of IFIC Scotland, and Annemargaret Black, Chief Officer, Clackmannanshire and Stirling IJB, welcomed 137 professionals from across Scotland who had registered for the session. It follows publication in June of the National Care Service (Scotland) Bill and the 2021 Feeley report of the Independent Review of Adult Social Care. The Feeley report had proposed establishing a National Care Service (NCS) to set national standards and terms and conditions for social care, bring national oversight and accountability to the sector, create an ethical commissioning and procurement system, amplify the voice of lived experience in redesign and to drive improvements and strategic integration with the NHS. The NCS Bill proposes to establish care boards for social care, social work and community health, directly accountable to Scottish Ministers. At this stage the Bill provides a high level framework for how these new bodies will be constituted, operate and deliver services. Further detail will be set out following consultation and co-design.

See the attached files:


Flash Report

Workforce: Capable, Integrated and Fit for the Future
Roundtable 7th June 2022


Prof Anne Hendry, Director of IFIC Scotland welcomed 135 professionals from across Scotland who had registered for the discussion. Anne introduced session co-host Lorna Kelly in her new post as National Strategic Lead for Primary Care, Health and Social Care Scotland. She invited panellists from across Scotland and beyond to explore current workforce challenges and share ideas and innovations.

Download the Workforce: Capable, Integrated and Fit for the Future flash report.

Watch the Workforce: Capable, Integrated and Fit for the Future recording.

Care at Home First
Report of a Virtual Roundtable March 22nd, 2022



The International Centre for Integrated Care, a strategic partnership between the International Foundation for Integrated Care (IFIC), the University of the West of Scotland and the Health and Social Care Alliance Scotland, is the home of IFIC in Scotland.  The team are hosting a series of virtual Roundtables with Health and Social Care Scotland to explore hot topics in integrated care.  The Flash reports and recordings can be accessed here


Over 100 professionals from across Scotland registered to discuss Care at Home First


Full flash report can be found here

Tracey McMillan, Service ManagerGranite Care Consortium


Dr Jo Bowden  – Round Table Specialist Palliative Care Fife


Dr Douglas LowdonInterface Care Workshop

Integrated, Local and Personal

Virtual Round Table

On October 22nd 2021,  IFIC Scotland hosted a virtual round table to discuss the consultation  on a National Care Service for Scotland.  The session was for our Reference Network partners from health, social care, housing and Third sector organisations and IJB chairs/ vice chairs involved in planning, delivering and assuring health and social care.

Anne Hendry, Director of IFIC Scotland, anchored the dialogue in Christie’s ambitious and visionary report on Public Service reform. She invited participants to consider if, and how, the  proposals for a National Care Service will enable progress against Christie’s four pillars.

Thanks to our speakers and panellists from Scotland and to IFICs CEO Dr Niamh Lennox-Chhugani and Prof. Robin Miller, Joint Editor in Chief, International Journal of Integrated Care

A very special thanks to Dr Merja Tepponen,  Chief Development Officer Health and Social Care, South Karelia Social and Health Care District for sharing the inspiring example of integrated health and social care in Eksote.

See the attached files:

Presentations, resources and flash report


Feedback of Consultation

Frailty Matters

Frailty Matters – End of Project Celebration Event

30th September 2021

This event celebrated the conclusion of our two year collaboration with NHS Ayrshire and Arran and the Queen’s Nursing Institute Scotland in an action research project funded by Burdett Trust for Nursing. Prof. Anne Hendry, Chair Frailty Matters Project Steering Group, introduced the frailty matters team and warmly welcomed 42 participants from across Scotland and 5 colleagues from Northern Ireland and Andalusia.

You will find the flash report and webinar presentations here.

More information on the project can be found here.

Integrated Small Islands eForums

Integrated Care in Small Islands – Special Interest Group Symposium

Friday, 23rd September 2022

The 4th eforum of our Small Islands Special Interest Group warmly welcomed colleagues from ten islands across Europe. Members shared snapshots of what is going well in their system and discussed some of the main challenges for health and care.


Presentations can be found here

Symposium Recording

Flash Report can be found here

Integrated Care in Small Islands – Special Interest Group Forum

Tuesday, 26th April 2022

Karen Leach, reflected on progress in the Strategic Professional Alliance in Guernsey and a new programme to support staff wellbeing.

Tia Hall reported the government in Jersey has a new CEO and is preparing for elections in June.

Claire Bader gave an update on the Wellbeing Partnerships on the Isle of Man, enabling access to   services and community supports in a timely fashion and improving coordination of care.

Morven McPhillips updated on the rich learning from reviewing the governance of an integrated model of care at Bowman Court, a housing facility on Mull adjacent to the community hospital

The Social Care Standards Agency team from Malta highlighted 12 sets of Social Regulatory Standards they have published in the last four years.

You will find the webinar recording here, presentation slides here, and flash report here.

Integrated Care in Small Islands – Special Interest Group eForum

22nd September 2021

The 3rd eforum of our Small Islands Special Interest Group warmly welcomed colleagues from Guernsey, Jersey, Sheltand, Orkney, Malta, Seychelles, Inner Hebrides, and Argyll and Bute. It is great to see our community expanding with participation from new members Dr Rosemarie Finley and Tia Hall from Family Nursing and Home Care Jersey, Dr Angele Ellul French as the new CEO of Malta’s Social Care Standards Agency, and Dr Dawn Moody from Orkney. It was good to be joined by Leigh Mair from the Scottish Rural Health Partnership, Highlands and Islands and by Gillian McCready and colleagues bringing their experience from Argyll & Bute’s Inner Hebridean islands. Members shared snapshots of what is going well on their islands and what are the main challenges for health and care.

Flash report and presentations can be found here

Integrated Care in Small Islands Special Interest Group Forum Tuesday, 26th January 2021

IFICs Small Islands Special Interest Group held an eForum on 26th January, co-hosted by Anne Mills and Oliver Radford from the Isle of Man.

The forum welcomed a new member Maurice Yap from Hong Kong who joined 34 SIG members representing 10 Island regions and strategic partners from Scottish Rural Health Partnership, University of the Highlands and Islands, Rural Wisdom Project, the International Foundation of Integrated Care and the Scholl Academic Centre.

Cheryl Young outlined Hospice at Home, a response to listening to what the Isle of Man community wants.

Karen Leach reflected on #GuernseyTogether and the importance of understanding culture and  heritage when leading transformation

Dr Kirsty Brightwell described innovative virtual community engagement and co-production of an Island Health Service Strategy in Shetland

Prof Vladimir Mozetič, highlighted an integrated Covid response in Primorje – Gorski Kotar County, Croatia which has 11 inhabited islands and mountainous terrain

Dr Nick Guldemond presented plans to create the conditions for community based integrated care in the Caribbean island of Curaçao

You will find the webinar recording here, presentation slides here, and flash report here

Small Islands Special Interest Group Forum, February 2020

In February, our virtual islands forum brought together 63 people from 13 countries. Many thanks to our presenters and participants from Arran, Western Isles, Shetland, Orkney, Isle of Man, Guernsey and Malta and to Colin Turbett for reflections on Principles and Possibilities of rural Social Work in Scotland.

A link to the presentations can be found here and a link to the forum recording can be found here.

Related resources on rural social work practice are available from Iriss by the following links:

Rural Social work in Scotland

Community Social Work in Scotland

Small Islands Learning Exchange (SmILE) – September 25th -27th 2019

SmILE 1, was hosted by the Department of Health and Social Care and Hospice Isle of Man, and supported by IFIC Scotland. The broad themes of the three day learning exchange were: Integrated Pathways, Older and Better Island Communities, and Community Wellbeing and Resilience. Partners from Malta, Seychelles, Guernsey, Isle of Man and Scotland shared examples of innovation and considered how integrated approaches can build resilience, strengthen health systems and support islands to make progress on transformational change.

Read the full report for more information!

Hospice IOM

Hospice IOM – 3rd Annual Research Symposium

Advances in end of life Care


 On Friday 26th February 2021, the Hospice Isle of Man Scholl Academic Centre were joined at their 3rd Annual Research Symposium at the main Hospice building in Strang, Douglas by some of the leading professionals in end of life care. The title of the day was ‘Advances in End of Life Care’ and includes a session on Wellbeing and Digital Innovations.

You can find the flash report here with links to the presentations and recording.

Healthy Ageing in Scotland Virtual Round Table Aug 28th  2020

The session was organised with IFIC’s international special interest group on Ageing and Frailty established as a legacy of AdvantageJA, the first European Joint Action on the prevention and management of Frailty.  The AdvantageJA report and final conference  feature Scotland as one of only a few European countries that have shifted the balance of care.

Catherine McGuigan’s presentation can be found here  and the recording can be found here.

Please see the full report from the Session here.

Final Conference of Advantage Joint Action: 27th November 2019, Brussels

IC4IC partners contributed to the final conference for AdvantageJA.

View Pete Knight’s presentation 

View Anne Hendry’s presentation 

VIDEO: Integrated model of care and support to prevent and manage Frailty

Find out more on the AdvantageJA website www.advantageja.eu

Special Interest Group Study Day – April 4th 2019

Palliative and End of Life Care and Compassionate Communities

The study day taking place in the San Telmo Museum, San Sebastian is hosted by the University of Deusto and Fundación Doble Sonrisa, following on from the ICIC19 conference in San Sebastian April 1-3. The event is coordinated by IFIC Scotland on behalf of the Scholl Academic Centre, Isle of Man and with the support of SIG moderators from the Newhealth Foundation and Ardgowan Hospice. This study day offers members of IFICs Palliative and End of Life Care SIG an opportunity to share their knowledge and experience of Compassionate Communities approaches in different systems

View Presentations

Special Interest Group Study Day – March 29th 2019

Intermediate Care and Polypharmacy

This study day offers members of IFICs Intermediate Care and Polypharmacy SIGs an opportunity to share their knowledge and experience in planning, designing and delivering Intermediate Care and polypharmacy services in different systems.   The study day is scheduled as a preconference knowledge exchange event for delegates travelling to the ICIC19 conference in San Sebastian April 1-3. Onward travel to San Sebastian is possible by direct train from Sants central station in Barcelona or by direct flight from El Prat main Barcelona airport. This study day offers members of IFICs Intermediate Care and Polypharmacy SIGs an opportunity to share their knowledge and experience in planning, designing and delivering Intermediate Care and polypharmacy services in different systems.

View Intermediate Care Presentations

View Polypharmacy Presentations

Messages from supporters and collaborators from around the Globe on the launch of the International Centre for Integrated Care on Friday, 19 May 2017