Integrated Care Academy

ICA Short Courses and Workshops

IFIC has long-standing experience with organising and delivering education and training programmes for our partners and clients. The Integrated Care Academy now offers the possibility of combining the knowledge and expertise from across the IFIC network to design short courses, workshops or trainings in collaboration with our clients and members to address their specific needs and requirements.

IFIC’s Academy also organise Essential Skills courses as pre-conference workshops to give participants the opportunity to get a comprehensive overview of the concepts underlying the conferences’ titular themes around Integrated Care and how to enable it. These courses are open to all participants of the ICICs and WCICs, and equally address the needs of students, professionals and first-time visitors alike. The course always starts with an overview presentation on integrated care theory and practice, and then goes more into detail on the specific conference theme. To enhance the learning experience, plenary discussions and small group work complement the presentations.

Upcoming Courses

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