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International Summer School Application

    1. Tell us why you are interested in participating in the Summer School (max 300 words)

    2. Tell us what your main area of interest in Integrated Care is, and what would you like to learn in the Summer School (max 200 words)

    3. Tell us what your experience in care is, with special focus on Integrated Care related work (max 500 words)

    4. During the Summer School we will discuss real scenarios selected from the case studies the applicants bring. Tell us what you are working on at the moment. You can use the following prompts to describe your case study.

    • Country/region
    • Context and population
    • What was the problem you are trying to solve?
    • What is the long-term vision? What do you want to achieve?
    • What is the community and public involvement in the initiative?
    • What aspects of the 9 pillars are involved in the case study?
    • What is the scale or maturity of the initiative?
    • What have you done, and what has made it possible?
    • What are the main challenges, and what can you do to overcome them?
    • How is the initiative coordinated with the rest of the actors involved?
    • How does the initiative enable partnership between different actors?
    • Is there any evaluation? Are the results what you expected?
    • What main challenges have you identified for the sustainability and future?
    • What is the main learning?
    • What aspects of the case study would you like to discuss during the Summer School?

    Please upload your case study here. You can upload Word, PDF, TXT. Maximum 1 page.