Integrated Care Solutions

Supporting the effective and sustainable implementation of integrated care

Integrated Care Solutions© is a service that helps support IFIC’s international clients in the effective design and adoption of their integrated care programmes. We achieve this by bringing together the benefits of IFIC’s own content experts with our growing global network of members, associates and knowledge partners. By working with our clients to understand their aspirations for integrated care in their own context, Integrated Care Solutions© provides tailored support that help to advance strategic thinking and translating that into implementation, enabling sustainable service transformation at local, regional and national levels.

Integrated Care Solutions© provides customised services that combine research, best practice and expertise to design and support the effective and sustainable implementation of integrated care.

Our package of solutions includes:

Diagnostic services that provide for a 360˚ review of the client’s existing approaches to integrated care to create a baseline understanding of the current effectiveness of care delivery including the policies and strategies that underpin them. The diagnostic service utilises IFIC’s international benchmarking tool that is based on state-of-the-art evidence on the core dimensions and elements necessary for the effective delivery of integrated care programmes

Design services that build upon this initial diagnostic work to undertake a situational analysis that examines how local needs may best be met through integrated care. The purpose of the design service is to work alongside clients to find the most appropriate approach to care integration that fits within their own context. This considers the technical resources available and the beliefs and wishes of key stakeholders and anchors these in an implementation plan.

Implementation services that provide clients with one-to-one coaching and subsequent access to a range of expert advice and toolkits. The implementation service seeks to transfer practical knowledge from both evidence and experience of implementation across similar programmes of integrated care internationally. This applies the science and research to the specific goals and project of integrated care for the client.

Evaluation services that advise or support clients in the development and use of appropriate measurement frameworks and evaluation methodologies, including the option for an annual review of implementation progress against the baseline using IFIC’s international benchmarking tool. The evaluation service also seeks to work across a range of clients to grow the evidence base on integrated care by examining its impact on care experiences, care outcomes and costs.

Facilitated by:

Andrew Terris

Andrew Terris is a Senior Associate for the Foundation. He has held a number of international and national strategic roles in Europe and New Zealand in the areas of health process, information and measurement.