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Poster Presentations – ICIC14

20 poster presentations covering horizontal and vertical integration of care, with global and European applicability.  Some were people centred and bottom-up, with others focusing on systems and services and describing top-down approaches to integrated care. Many were work in progress so we will look forward to further presentations and results at future conferences.  The panel, …


Organisational Models and Care Pathways for Integrated Care

I attended the session on “Organisational models and care pathways” run by the colleagues from EIP AHA B3 Action Group. The first thing I found amazing and interesting to learn was that Scotland has now launched legislation on social and healthcare integration. It is now a Public Bodies (Joint Working Scotland) Act 2014, ( and …


ICIC 2014 – First Conference Day

A great start to International Conference on Integrated Care 2014 On the first afternoon of this year’s International Conference on Integrated Care 2014 there was a session focussed on the service user or patient in the context of integrated care. The three presenters took the audience on a journey by first seeking to define person centred care …


ICIC 2014 Review: Patient Empowerment

Session P5-B – Empowering people through integrated care – patient empowerment The session offered delegates an opportunity to take part to an open discussion on patient empowerment and share their views and knowledge on the matter with the high level panellist representing stakeholders of all categories: Institutions, patient organizations, academia, health professionals and EC experts. …


ICIC 2014 Review: Collaborative Practice in Integrated Care

Integrated care in practice: collaborative practice in integrated care Chaired by Hernan Montenegro, Health Systems Advisor, WHO, Geneva Switzerland This session offered participants a chance to reorient themselves on a core issue in integrated care: collaboration. Many people working to implement integrated care can easily get caught up in the technical issues of developing or …


IFIC’s Inaugural Integrated Care Award presented to Pim Valentijn

The 14th International Conference on Integrated Care saw the launch of IFIC’s Integrated Care Award for outstanding contribution to the promotion of the science, knowledge or application of integrated care in policy and practice around the World. For 2014, the IFIC Committee decided to present the inaugural award to Pim Valentijn from the Jan van …


Integrated Care Poster Prize at the ICIC14

” Attending the ICIC for the second time I was once again inspired to take Integrated Care forward. Every year after the conference I feel more determined to keep pushing this agenda in Portugal. This year the conference was even more satisfying once the poster I presented on behalf of the team was awarded a …


Project Integrated-continual exchange of case study experiences

Objective for Case Studies In order to gain a better understanding of different integrated care scenarios, four cases studies have been undertaken in Project INTEGRATE. They will provide a description of the type of integration achieved and the influences which resulted in this type of integration, in a way which will allow comparisons and conclusions …


How project INTEGRATE might be of help to the conceptualization of integrated care

Project INTEGRATE will describe how integrated care can be of added value to patients with chronic conditions while taking into account case, care, quality assessment and health system complexity. Today, there is no is universally accepted definition of integrated care. Integrated care is a concept that is polymorphous in its kind and that has been …


European Health Policy Group Autumn Meeting

Thursday, September 19, 2013 – 09:45 to Friday, September 20, 2013 – 16:45 European Health Policy Group Autumn 2013 Meeting Date: 19 – 20 September 2013, London The autumn meeting of the European Health Policy Group (EPHG) will be on the theme of integrated care. They are considering papers on initiatives and ideas on integrating …


Rationale for project INTEGRATE

Changing Societal Health Needs As the prevalence of chronic conditions continues to increase, along with the rapid ageing of the population, it brings with it the increasing challenge of sustainability in our healthcare systems worldwide. In European alone, chronic non-communicable diseases represent almost 80% of the total burden of disease. Active and healthy ageing is …


The small beginnings of a big project

Unfortunately for us researchers a big and complex project like Project Integrate can generally not be boiled down to one big question with one big answer that can be discovered in one big attempt. A big and complex project needs to be broken down into many small (but still complex) parts. And these parts need …

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