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Category - COVID-19 Knowledge


Realising the True Value of Integrated Care: Beyond COVID-19

Stronger and more resilient care systems and communities are better able to cope, respond and adapt to new challenges and crises such as the current COVID-19 pandemic. The future of health and care is integrated and the journey to achieve it must be accelerated through our response to COVID-19.


Respond, recover, reset, and then thrive! Building resilient communities during and beyond COVID 19

The second in IFIC’s “Care during and beyond the COVID-19 Crisis – Building integrated care as the cornerstone of our new reality” webinar series took place on 24 April. This webinar was organized in association with IFIC Australia and chaired by Professor Nick Goodwin, Chair of IFIC Australia and Director of the Central Coast Research Institute. The webinar focused on “Supporting Community Resilience in times of Public Health Crisis”


‘Coronavirus: Lessons of a pandemic’ Webinar

On 7th April 2020 the University of the Americas, Chile organised a Webinar on ‘Coronavirus: Lessons of a pandemic’ chaired by Prof Osvaldo Artaza in which fifteen panellists, experts in public health from the Americas, contributed to a discussion on the lessons learnt so far in the region.


Solidarity, Health Equity and Integrated Care: Our COVID-19 Compass

How can we plan for a post pandemic future that better supports the poor and the underserved? Hard questions for any society, even tougher for low and middle income economies with high levels of social inequality and where the policy discourse is rarely followed by change at pace.