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WEBINAR: IFIC Ireland – Innovative Approaches to Delivering Integrated Care

Innovative Approaches to Delivering Integrated Care  Tuesday, December 10th In the last of our series we will look at population health management and Dr Oliver Gröne, Vice Chairman of the Board at OptiMedis AG will present the systems and processes required to achieve the greatest improvements in health and care based on his experience at ...

WEBINAR: IFIC Ireland – Patient Voice in Design of Integrated Care Systems

Integrated care requires joined up information for effective planning, delivery and management. Different countries are experimenting with a range policy approaches to designing integrated information systems with varying levels of success. Information systems to support integrated care that start with the needs of the user of information (individual, health and care professional, service manager, payer, policy maker), are most likely to succeed in being adopted.


WEBINAR: IFIC Ireland – Leadership in Integrated Care

In this webinar Dr Áine Carroll, Professor of Healthcare Integration and Improvement at UCD and Ewan King, Chief Operating Officer at the Social Care Institute for Excellence (SCIE) look at the leadership and management qualities and skills required across all system levels to make integrated care a reality.


WEBINAR: IFIC Ireland – Workforce Planning for Integrated Care

While the driver of health system innovation to date has largely been focused on reorganising care delivery processes and adopting technology to improve outcomes, little thought has been given to the people who need to implement and utilise these tools on a day to day basis.


WEBINAR: IFIC Ireland – Understanding Integrated Care: Lessons from around the world

Over the past decade many definitions, concepts and theories have emerged trying to explain what integrated care is and what the main building blocks for successful integration of services across sectors and professions may be.