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Integrated Mental Health Service – A National Multifaceted Approach

Authors:Jonathan Paul Nolan

Abstract Ireland’s health service, the Health Service Executive, provides Mental Health services to the population of Ireland. These services are overseen by the National Mental Health Division. Unlike other parts of the Health Service the Mental Health Division provides services in all settings, for all acuities and all ages. This truly integrated approach is demonstrated in eight Abstract s submitted by Irelands Mental Health service. This Abstract is a covering Abstract which proposes that those submissions which are successful are considered as a body of work – featuring at conference as a Mental Health seminar/stream. This is because each of our Abstract s, while addressing a specific topic and theme must be considered as interoperable to appreciate how at national level a whole system national integrated approach operates.The Mental Health Abstract s submitted by the Health Service Executive Mental Health Division and partners cover a range of topics which span strategy, clinical care, service user involvement and quality. These include;The development of integrated national quality standards for mental health services (ID 188)Service user and family engagement in integrated service design and delivery (ID 173)An integrated national model of care for eating disorders services in multiple settings (ID 440)Inter-professional education as a building block for collaborative and integrated eating disorder services (ID 443)Assessment and management of self harm in Emergency Departments in Ireland: The National Clinical Programme (ID pending)Developing an integrated approach across government departments for service users with first episode psychosis to achieve employment and educational gaol using an Individual Placement Support model (ID 461)Little Things – making a big difference to promoting positive mental health (ID 492)Advancing Recovery in Ireland – a national initiative aimed at securing the organisational and cultural changes necessary to develop more “Recovery-oriented” services for the population (ID pending)It is proposed that should the above Abstract s be accepted by the scientific committee that they would form a body of evidence that in seminar or “Mental Health Stream” format would paint a clear picture of national integration. Integration in this context means integration in a number of senses and the granularity of the meaning of “integration” in the round would be considered (i.e. integration between physical and mental health, between health and other government departments and between components of the health service itself.


strategy, planning, design, policy

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