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Self Recovery Platform

Authors: Niamh Una Malone , Sean Murphy

Abstract I worked as a clinical nurse specialist in stroke rehabilitation and had a sub arachnoid haemorrhage in Feb 2013 which left me with cognitive deficits. I made up a psychological programme and made this into a recovery app to help others like me; have had over 100 downloads and loads of feedback. There are different stages of recovery, everyone is different and goes at their own pace, it’s an ongoing journey. I have designed a self- recovery stand alone app for people living with chronic fatigue syndrome in the community setting starting with stroke. Everyone goes on their journey at a different pace. The app will act as a tool to help the person on their journey of self- recovery. Cognitive nerve energy (brain)causes ongoing fatigue. If a person does not take control of their fatigue they will go around in a fog and a haze for the rest of their lives and not achieve their full potential of recovery.I have identified early warning stages of fatigue (6 in total) which lead to chronic fatigue syndrome (recovery hours/days). The person assess how they feel from a drop down list of symptoms, from this they can work out what warning stage they are at, acts as a baseline. From this they can plan their day. If they have an appointment at say 3pm they can work back ways to conserve energy so they can achieve the maximum amount of energy for this time. I’m using energy as a commodity. Over time an individual profile can be built up to help the person work out ways to conserve energy for the different warning stages and live a better quality of life. This is done in a form of a rest diary, advice on what each stage is, examples of why person is at that stage and how to manage same. There is also a daily planner and people can plan for the whole day rather than just their alert times, leads to a better quality of life, planning, organsing their own recovery and care. The person is able to manage their day and take control of their life. Planned pathway of care.This stand alone app is at the development stage.


fatigue, plasticty, self- recovery, integrated pathway of care

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Malone NU, Murphy S. Self Recovery Platform. International Journal of Integrated Care. 2017;17(5):A343.

DOI: on 17th October 2017