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Taking a coproduction approach to integrating recovery orientated care in Irish Mental Health Services

Authors: Catherine Mary Brogan , Michael Ryan

Abstract Advancing Recovery in Ireland (ARI) is a HSE national initiative aimed at securing the organisational and cultural changes necessary to develop more “Recovery-oriented” services recognising that recovery is ‘being able to create and live a meaningful and full life in a community of choice with or without the presence of mental health issues’[i] A Recovery orientated service is underpinned by the premises that (1) true partnership through coproduction between those who use and those who provide services invariably provides better outcomes than care driven by one party alone[ii], and (2) Service user empowered, self management in the level of ‘choice’, ‘influence’ and control they exercise in their own lives[iii]ARI engages a whole system organisational change 4 stage methodology, (1) capacity building, (2) recovery planning (3) recovery actions and (4) recovery services. Co-production underpins ARI through whichmutual strengths and capacities of all stakeholders are recognized in a manner which allows individuals to work together to achieve positive change. The ARI national office has a joint managing partnership model between a mental health professional and an expert by experience. At a local level it develops service improvement committees with representation from all relevant MH stakeholders including Service users and Family members. Encompassing adult education principles, ARI leads on a number of recovery innovations,Recovery Colleges underpinned by standard educational college principles where people in a new identity as students can increase their understanding of recovery and build the recovery capacity to empower their own recovery journey or those they support or provide services to.Peer support in mental health is based on the belief that people who have faced, endured and overcome mental health adversity can offer support to others in similar situations[iv]. (Davidson et al 2006) ARI is a key catalyst in building the capacity for services to engage with peer support working.Recovery Principles and Practice workshops have been developed by ARI for all mental health staff based on a co-production model utilising the expertise in recovery of service users, family and service providers to empower MH staff to become facilitators of the recovery process.A Peer led involvement centre is built on the principle that mental health recovery occurs best in an empathetic environment where an individual can explore, gain understanding and ownership of their own experience. ARI has facilitated the development of a number of involvement centres across its participating sites.Next Steps:, ARI was reportedly demonstrating a substantial benefit in the lives of those involved. Service users consistently reported that ARI was having a largely positive effect on their mental health service[v]. As evidence begins to emerge of the transformative effect of ARI on services the next steps is to ensure that these recovery processes become strategically embedded as part of mental health service delivery and to achieve this ARI is developing a national recovery framework for local services to benchmark themselves against supported by a comprehensive evaluation of the approach.References: 1- Australian Health Ministries, Advisory Council 2013. A national framework for recovery-oriented mental health, theory and practice A national framework for recovery-oriented mental health services: Policy and theory Print ISBN: 978-1-74186-012-2 Online ISBN: 978-1-74186-013-9 Publications approval number: 10287 services 14/12/20162- Collins, P., Naughton, L, Heslin, R. and Ryan, M. Advancing Recovery in Ireland. A Guidance Paper on Implementing Organisational and Cultural Change in Mental Health Services in Ireland. National Office for Advancing Recovery in Ireland. HSE: Mental Health Division. Dublin. 20163- Keay D C, Self-management of mental health problems. WHO Regional Office for Europe Empowerment in Mental Health – Working together towards Leadership A meeting in partnership with the European Commission Hosted by EUFAMI 27‐28 October 2010, Leuven, Belgium. Accessed 12/12/2016 Available from: 4- Davidson L1, Chinman M, Sells D, Rowe M. Peer support among adults with serious mental illness: a report from the field.Schizophr Bull. 2006 Jul;32(3):443-50. Epub 2006 Feb 3. Accessed 12/1420165- Murphy C, Byrne, M Patricia Linda Spollen PL on behalf of the Mental Health National Management Team, Health Service Executive. Evaluation of Advancing Recovery in Ireland Sites – Have they delivered change? April 2016


ari, co-production, recovery oriented services, recovery college, peer support

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