Knowledge Tree

Session 5E – Improving the integration experience of people with mental health conditions chaired by Mrs Leo Lewis

Presentations and Speakers:

Mental health and well-being in rural communities – factors associated with suicide, and integrated responses

Ms Robyn Considine

FULL OUTCOME REPORT from the IBBIS randomized controlled trial [DK]: Integrated vocational rehabilitation and mental health care for people on sick leave due to anxiety and depression (N=611 participants, one year follow-up)

Mr Andreas Hoff

Interventions to integrate physical and mental healthcare for people with serious mental illness and/or substance use disorders: a systematic scoping review

Dr Amy Richardson and Prof Sarah Derrett

The importance of local context and governance structures for the implementation of mental health integrated care programs for suicide prevention

Prof Yvonne Zurynski

Enabling Town Slough: Reducing Inequality through integrated co-produced mental health services

Mrs Natasha Berthollier and Mr Geoff Dennis