Knowledge Tree

Session 7C – Intermediate Care – Session 2 chaired by Dr Marco Inzitari

Presentations and Speakers:

Workforce planning for Integrated Care: a story of operational success.

Ms Margaret Curran

An Integrated Model of Environmental Care for a Patient Discharged from the Emergency Department – A Comparative Analysis of Meeting the Needs of Emergency Department Patients and General Practice Patients

Prof Donata Kurpas

Minority status and 30-day readmission: a moderated mediation model of informal caregivers’ ensuring and explaining medical care during hospitalization and caregivers’ health literacy

Dr Nosaiba Rayan-Gharra

Transversal implementation in Catalonia of the ICT process of transition of care between hospitals and Primary Care Centers (PCC)

Dr Oscar Solans

The impact of vertical (dis)integration on the co-productive capacities of hospital providers and patients

Ms Susan Usher