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Session 6C – Polypharmacy and Adherence management: what does it take to scale-up? – in association with the Polypharmacy and Adherence SIG

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Presentations and Speakers:

Welcome and Introduction

Dr Albert Alonso

The building blocks of medication safety and polypharmacy

Mrs Alpana Mair

Prerequisites for successful implementation of Comprehensive Medication Management services at a primary care level in Croatia

Mrs Ana Soldo

The Scottish strategy on polypharmacy

Mrs Alpana Mair

Deployment of a patient-centred prescription model in Osona (Catalonia): lessons from a successful initiative

Dr Núria Molist Brunet and Dr Joan Espaulella Panicot

Polypharmacy management in Croatia: ready to scale-up?

Mrs Iva Mucalo

Discussion and Summary

Dr Albert Alonso