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Electronic documentation for Health and Social Care Professionals: The staff perspective

Authors: Marie L Byrne , Deirdre Gilchriest, Joanne Dowds, Aine Higgins, Fiona Dunlevy, Neans Ni Rathaille, Patricia Reilly

Abstract Introduction & Practice Change: The Health and Social Care professions (HSCPs) comprising of physiotherapy (PT), occupational therapy (OT), medical social work MSW), clinical nutrition (CN) and speech and language therapy (SLT) in St. James’s Hospital are implementing electronic patient documentation.Aim: To examine the HSCP staff’s perspective on utilising electronic documentation, to investigate their opinions, concerns and expectations of the system in order to inform ongoing quality improvement initiatives.Targeted population: All staff in HSCP departments were sent the survey electronically. The survey included demographic information, questions regarding mobile device use, training needs and opinions on electronic documentation processes. The results were then entered into Microsoft Excel for analyses and performance of simple descriptive statistics.Timeline: September 2016Highlights: 123 participants from across all 5 departments completed the survey, giving a response rate of 55%. 80% of respondents were documenting their clinical notes electronically. 82% of respondents felt that electronic documentation was more efficient than paper while 83% felt they had improved access to patients records. 87% felt that they had sufficient IT skills to implement electronic documentation. 11% of respondents felt that electronic documentation had a negative impact on intrapersonal relations with patients. Concerns associated with implementation included insufficient access to hardware, WiFi and ergonomic workstations. The primary concern reported was that documentation was not readily accessed by medical and nursing staff (65% of respondents). A variety of reasons for this were suggested, including insufficient hardware and the presence of a dual system (paper and electronic).Sustainability: The results will be used to inform ongoing quality improvement initiatives. Listening to staff concerns about this new implementation and taking action to make imperovements assists with buy-in to the overall project and hence aids sustainability.Transfereability: The use of electronic documentation has been perceived positively by HSCP staff using the system to document intervention. Concerns highlighted in the survey, will be used to shape ongoing development of the system hospital wide.


staff survey, electronic documentation

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Byrne ML, Gilchriest D, Dowds J, Higgins A, Dunlevy F, Rathaille NN, et al.. Electronic documentation for Health and Social Care Professionals: The staff perspective. International Journal of Integrated Care. 2017;17(5):A529.

DOI: on 17th October 2017