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Evaluating and Improving the Quality of Patient Care in the Cardiac Catheterization Laboratory at University Hospital Waterford

Authors: Alma O’ Connor , Edel Cronin, Christina Lambert, Ralph Morris, Karen Glynn, Paul Lawrence, Eithne Mackey

Abstract Background: In 2015, 2200 patients attended the Cardiac Catheterisation Laboratory in University Hospital Waterford. 3,142 procedures were completed. This gives an average of 60 cases per week. As a quality improvement initiative, the cath lab nursing staff undertook a patient experience survey to illuminate the positive and negative aspects of the care provided in our centre. The aim of this survey was to use these results to guide improvements in the quality of patient care.Method: Lean’s six sigma approach of define, measure, analyse, improve and control was chosen as a suitable methodology. We sourced a validated patient satisfaction tool from another health system and adapted it for local context. The survey looked at the admissions process, the pre, intra and post operative experience of the patient. A Likert scale was used. The survey was completed over a four week period. Results: A total of 66 patients participated in the survey, giving us a 48% response rate. Overall the results were favourable and demonstrated a high level of patient satisfaction. This included aspects such as courtesy and respect shown by staff, cleanliness of the clinical areas and the clarity of information imparted by staff. Areas requiring attention as highlighted by the respondents included the ambient temperature of the clinical areas and aspects of the diet offered to patients post procedure. Twenty percent of patients reported fair to poor for the temperature questions and supplemented this with comments. In relation to dietary requirements, 6% reported between fair and poor. This was also reflected in the comments provided.Conclusion: The patient experience survey was a very useful exercise and based on our findings, two quality improvement plans, for room temperature and diet, have been implemented. A six month follow-up survey is planned.


patient, experience, survey, quality, care, initiative

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O’ Connor A, Cronin E, Lambert C, Morris R, Glynn K, Lawrence P, et al.. Evaluating and Improving the Quality of Patient Care in the Cardiac Catheterization Laboratory at University Hospital Waterford. International Journal of Integrated Care. 2017;17(5):A542.

DOI: on 17th October 2017