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Monitoring and Improving Quality Care through the development of an automated audit tool

Authors:Susan Daly

Abstract Introduction (comprising context and problem statement) The Health Information and Quality Authority (2016) specify that designated centres for older people must monitor, review and improve the quality of care and experience of residents on an ongoing basis. Although the Kerry Community Hospitals/ Nursing Units undertake regular audits, the paper based process is time consuming and fails to provide real time data with trend analysis consistently throughout the year.Short description of change implement: Viclarity provide compliance monitoring solutions to healthcare organisations in Ireland, the United Kingdom and America. Total quality management initiatives develop customer focused processes and procedures to meet internal and external clients, real data and constant monitoring are essential to measure the improvement progress (Trofino 2000). Viclaritys innovative platform would facilitate the Kerry Community Hospitals/ Nursing Units to track and manage all of their audits and paper based processes in one system using a colour coded dashboard.Aim and theory of change: The aim of this project is to customise Viclaritys pre-built audit templates to create an automated audit tool that monitors each of the Kerry Community Hospitals/ Nursing Units in accordance with evidence based practice and the regulatory standards for designated centres for older people in Ireland (Health Information and Quality Authority 2016)Targeted population and stakeholders: Residents, Health Care Assistants, Registered Nurses, Clinical Nurse Managers, Clinical Development Co-ordinator, Directors of Nursing, Area ManagerTimeline:A timeline of 12 months has been assigned to this quality improvement initiative.Designing the customised auditsTrialling the system to ensure it is meeting service need and user friendlyResolving any technical issuesInstallation / implementing across all sitesHighlights (innovation, impact and outcomes) The colour coded dashboard will provide live information on all audits conductedInstant visual identification of non-compliance, action plan required by the system to specify how non-compliance will be addressed thus promoting quality of the serviceThe system has a fully integrated CA/PA feature built in and delivers detailed informative reports with one click, promoting a more efficient and effective serviceException reports with action plans that specify how the issue will be resolved and who is responsible for same, thus monitoring and improving the quality, effectiveness and efficiency of the service.Comments and sustainability: Regular consultation and collaboration between Viclarity and Clinical Development Co-ordinator to ensure the customised audits are updated in accordance with any evidence based changes in hospital policy or regulatory standards.Comments and transferability:Implementation throughout the 6 Community Hospitals/ Nursing UnitsTransferable to all designated centres for older peopleEasily modified to transfer into any healthcare organisation/ serviceReferences: 1- Health Information and Quality Authority. National Standards for Residential Care Settings for Older People in Ireland. Health Information and Quality Authority. 2016.2- Trofino A.J. Transformational Leadership: moving total quality management to world class organisations. International Nursing Review. 2000;47: 232-242.


real time data, trends analysis

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