Knowledge Tree

Population Health Management

Population Health Management is a patient centred, data driven approach to ensure sustainability of health care systems and is a highly relevant research theme worldwide. During ICIC19 which took place earlier in the year some of the experts in attendance discussed this innovative approach. Watch the below series of interviews as such experts share their insights!

Dr. Helmut Hildebrandt

Dr.Helmut Hildebrandt gathers more than 30 years of experience in the health care arena. He holds a pharmacy diploma from Philipps-University, Marburg / Germany, and has worked intensively with the World Health Organization and in health sciences with the University of Hamburg. In this interviews he discusses Gesundes Kinzigtal  a health care management company in Germany which Dr. Hildebrandt is the chief executive.

Professor Stephen Shortell

Stephen  Shortell is a Professor of Health Policy and Management and Dean Emeritus whose expertise is in policies and practices to reform health care delivery and improve the value of care (lower cost and higher quality) provided to patients. Here Professor Shortell addresses Accountable Care Organisations (ACOs) and shared savings.

Professor Ellen Nolte

Ellen Notle is a Professor of Health Services and Systems Research in the London school of hygiene & tropical medicine.She was previously Director of the Health and Healthcare Policy programme at RAND Europe, Cambridge, UK.  Ellen briefly describes her interest and involvement with integrated care in this short interview.

Walter Wodchis

Walter Wodchis is a Professor in the University of Toronto & Research Chair in Implementation and Evaluation Science, Institute for Better Health. In his interview Walter discusses integrated care approaches in Ontario and how they are implemented.