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Webinar Title: From volume to value: Transforming the public oral health system and improving integration through value based models of care

Webinar Series: IFIC Australia Webinar Series 2019

Broadcast Date: 04/09/2019

Presenters: Nick Goodwin, Zoe Wainer

The health system is a complicated matrix of service providers, funding bodies and governance structures. Our population is growing and living longer, technology is advancing and consumer expectations are rising. In this challenging environment, more people than ever need access to public dental services but the wait is long and the care isn’t always focussed on improving health outcomes. In partnership with consumers and clinicians, DHSV has designed Australia’s first Value Based Health Care Framework for public dental services and commenced a proof of concept of new value based models of care at The Royal Dental Hospital of Melbourne. By focussing on value, DHSV aims to manage the increasing demand for public dental services, improve coordination of care across the system and improve the health outcomes that matter to patients at the lowest possible cost. In this webinar, Dr Wainer will outline the principles of value based health care and outline the various stages involved in creating an environment where change can not only be facilitated but championed.

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