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Webinar Title: Partnering with Community

Webinar Series: IFIC Australia Webinar Series 2019

Broadcast Date: 11/12/2019

Presenters: Nick Goodwin, Anthony Brown

‘Meeting community needs’ is a phrase often heard in health service planning, but how do you know if you are meeting the needs and expectations of the communities you are working with? And are needs analyses, demographic profiles and epidemiological data all that’s needed when it comes to designing and delivering health intervention.

This webinar will explore the reasons why partnering with communities is essential in developing health services. It will explain the differences between partnering with communities and partnering with health consumers, and why both are needed and how each answers different, complementary questions. The webinar will also include some real world examples of community engagement, focusing on traditionally underserved communities; as well as hints and suggestions on where to begin such partnerships.

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