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Webinar Title: Project Integrate Framework Elements

Webinar Series: IFIC Australia Webinar Series 2019

Broadcast Date: 21/08/2019

Presenters: Toni Dedeu, Hazel Dalton

Implementing integrated care models is a complex process, and it is important to know what the breadth of influencing factors are when assessing whether integration has been or will be improved. The Project INTEGRATE framework consists of seven interrelated dimensions that are associated with the successful implementation of integrated care initiatives – irrespective of country of implementation, target population or condition focus. It is consistent with the Rainbow model of integrated care and maps the range of factors that influence integrated care.

This webinar reflects on the use of the Project INTEGRATE framework within the context of a formative evaluation of the Central Coast Integrated Care Program. In this case, the framework was used as a tool to measure progress towards integrated care. The tool proved difficult to apply in survey format, however, the results proved invaluable in supporting a situational analysis of progress towards integrated care. Moreover, the structured nature of the dimensions and their corresponding sub-elements provided a scaffold for a common language of integrated care, which in this case was highly valued. We have since applied the survey tool to support situational analysis and planning of integrated care initiatives.

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