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Webinar Title: Taking Forward Integrated Care in Australia: An International Perspective

Webinar Series: IFIC Australia Webinar Series 2019

Broadcast Date: 14/08/2019

Presenters: David Perkins, Nick Goodwin

Over the past decade in Australia there has been a growing realisation of the need to reform the health and care system towards an approach that seeks to better integrate care, improve quality and promote value. As part of IFIC Australia’s series of opinion pieces on Taking Integrated Care Forward in Australia, this webinar will listen to the views of IFIC’s co-Founder – Professor Nick Goodwin – as he embarks on an exciting new venture as Director of the Central Coast Research Institute (CCRI). Developed as a joint venture between the Central Coast LHD and the University of Newcastle, the CCRI seeks to grow translational research and evaluation capabilities that help to stimulate and sustain innovations in integrated care, specifically to address key health priorities including ageing, obesity, indigenous health, chronic disease and mental health. In the webinar, Nick will reflect upon international trends in the development of successful integrated care models and debate the various challenges – and potential solutions – for taking integrated care forward in Australia.

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