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Webinar Title: Digital health and technology in integrated care

Webinar Series: IFIC Canada Virtual Community Webinar Series

Broadcast Date: 20/11/2019

Presenters: Jodeme Goldhar, Carolyn Steele Gray, Lisa Dolovich, Anna Serra Martinez, Julie Datta

Digital health solutions are foundational to support and enable integrated care. As health systems around the world adopt innovations to support improvement in the delivery and experience of health and social care, we will explore the potential offered through existing and new technologies.

Through this session, the virtual collaborative will engage with and hear the diverse perspectives of leaders within the digital health space. Further, exemplar cases of how patient and family needs can be met using innovation solutions will also be highlighted. Collectively, this session will shine a spotlight on where digital solutions are now and the opportunities to use digital health solutions to drive positive transformation in the future.

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