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Webinar Title: Global Tour of Integrated Care and What it Means for US

Webinar Series: IFIC Canada Virtual Community Webinar Series

Broadcast Date: 14/05/2019

Presenters: Jodeme Goldhar, Nick Goodwin, Toni Dedeu, Walter P. Wodchis, Ross Baker, Zal Press,

The inaugural convening of the IFIC Canada virtual community took place on May 14th, 2019 and took a tour of integrated care around the world through the eyes of Nick Goodwin and Toni Dedeu from IFIC. Dr. Walter Wodchis and Dr. Ross Baker from IHPME talked about some successes that have taken place in North America and how to create the conditions for successful integrated care. While Zal Press from Beryl Institute Global Patient and Family Advisory Board discussed the importance of bringing in the patient and family voice when designing an integrated care project. The session was facilitated by The Change Foundation’s Jodeme Goldhar, who engaged the virtual community, bringing them into the conversation and identifying where to take the virtual network in the future.

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