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Webinar Title: Scale and Spread of Integrated Care

Webinar Series: IFIC Canada Virtual Community Webinar Series

Broadcast Date: 22/01/2020

Presenters: Jodeme Goldhar, Walter P. Wodchis, John Flood, Ellen Hallsworth, Jennifer Zelmer, Geoffrey Anderson, Henk Nies

As many health systems around the world seek to shift from islands of excellence to integrated systems of care, the question often arises of how to effectively scale up and spread such systems. Within our next Integrated Care Virtual Community session, we will focus on the challenges and considerations of spreading integrated care interventions into new settings and contexts.

In this session, we will take a deep dive into the spreading and scaling process, through a variety of lenses such as research, implementation and lived experience. Ranging from identifying and describing the essential components of an intervention that enable it to be reproduced, to the approaches that support adopters and organizations in their adaptation and spreading endeavors.

This session will illustrate and unpack factors pertinent to successful implementation, while also providing insight into the utility of describing interventions to reflect their social, context-sensitive and dynamic nature.

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