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Webinar Title: Shared Governance: Working Together to Enable People-Centred Integrated Care

Webinar Series: IFIC Canada Virtual Community Webinar Series

Broadcast Date: 24/06/2020

Presenters: Jodeme Goldhar, Walter P. Wodchis, Brenda Andreas, Leslee J. Thompson, Jeanette Edwards, Victoria Stein

Now more than ever, healthcare systems and communities must work together to improve outcomes for patients, caregivers and populations.

Shared governance is an essential piece of the journey towards an integrated, people-centred health system; one that must be co-designed in partnership to breakdown barriers in care.

Join this session to learn from the first-hand experiences from a patient partner, a senior health care leader, a Canadian policy maker and an international expert, as they discuss:

• Examples of how shared governance models have been co-designed to enable collaborative, people-centred health systems across the continuum of care; and
• Key practices and implementation resources based on the latest evidence.

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