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Webinar Title: Session 1 – Understanding Integrated Care: Lessons from around the world

Webinar Series: IFIC Ireland – Advancing Integrated Care

Broadcast Date: 12/06/2019

Presenters: Edelweiss Aldasaro, Galileo Perez-Hernandez, Dionne Cruz, Gaston Perman, Ingrid Gomez, Patricia Arratibel, Rocío Saenz, Rafael Bengoa

Over the past decade many definitions, concepts and theories have emerged trying to explain what integrated care is and what the main building blocks for successful integration of services across sectors and professions may be. In this first webinar Dr. Toni Dedeu, Director of Programmes at the International Foundation for Integrated Care (IFIC), Dr Pim Valentijn, Principal Investigator and Research Consultant in the field of Value-based Integrated Care. and PJ Harnett, Programme Manager, Integrated Care Programme for Older People at the HSE, give an introduction to the most influential concepts, frameworks and lessons learned so far, highlighting the complexities of designing such systems at local, regional and national level. The webinar was chaired by Karen O’Connell, Coordinator for IFIC Ireland.

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