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Webinar Title: WCIC4 Quality and Measurement for Integrated Care

Webinar Series: WCIC4

Broadcast Date: 26/10/2016

Presenters: Richard Antonelli, Hernan Montenegro

The International Foundation of Integrated Care (IFIC), in partnership with General Practice New Zealand (GPNZ), Health Quality and Safety Commission (HCQSC) and the Ministry of Health is bringing the 4th World Congress on Integrated Care “Investing in our Future: Improving the Health of People and Communities” to Wellington, New Zealand from 23 to 25 November 2016. The aim of this conference is to exchange knowledge, experience and new ideas in the design and delivery of integrated health and social care.

Ahead of this conference we have invited two of the keynote speakers from Theme 4 – Taking measures to improve quality to deliver a webinar on Wednesday, 26 October at 3pm GMT that will describe some of the key challenges and solutions in this area. Dr Richard Antonelli will speak about Using frameworks to measure and promote quality and integrated care from a clinical/function level perspective and Dr Hernan Montenegro will speak about WHO efforts in measuring people and community engagement in healthcare, including the use of global and district level scorecards for quality measurement. The webinar will be chaired by Dr Helmut Hildebrandt, CEO, Optimedis and Gesundes Kinsigtal and Treasurer of the International Foundation for Integrated Care (IFIC).

This webinar will benefit delegates who are already planning to attend WCIC4 as an introduction to the subject area and those who are unable to attend but have an interest in this field of study

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