ACT@Scale Final Workshop at ICIC19!

The ACT@Scale consortium is thrilled to host its Final workshop in collaboration with the International Conference on Integrated Care 2019. The collaboration with ICIC19 supports the synergy between ACT@Scale’s primary focus on implementation and scaling up, and ICIC19’s general focus on integrated care.

The conference takes place the 1st-3rd of April in San Sebastián, Basque Country in Northern Spain. The ACT@Scale session is supported by the European Commission and takes place on April 2nd, 12.30 – 13.30 in Room 1.

Over the past 3 years, ACT@Scale has tapped into experiences from successful real life deployment projects in 6 European regions and assessed real world services. By linking drivers (Stakeholder and Change management, Service Selection, Sustainability and Business Models, Citizen Empowerment) and outcomes, ACT@Scale is now ready to present our take on how to change care service delivery in European regions and beyond.

We have found important learnings and valuable results when it comes to scaling integrated care in Europe and we believe that knowledge sharing and exchange of experiences are key aspects for the success of future projects and for the wellbeing of EU citizens in general. Therefore, the final workshop of ACT@Scale will focus on delivering the key results and achievements through experiences, lessons learned, and regional examples. Our key insights have also been gathered in a published handbook with the intention to assist other regions in their efforts to scale good practices for the benefit of European citizens. You can find the ACT@Scale Handbook here

For more information about ACT@Scale’s final workshop click here

ACT@Scale has received funding from the European Commission in the framework of the Health Programme under grant agreement 709770.

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