Are you a policy maker, payer or professional working in integrated care? The SELFIE-project is looking for you!

The EU-financed SELFIE project is researching integrated care for persons with multi-morbidity. SELFIE is currently evaluating promising integrated care programmes for multi-morbidity in eight EU countries: The Netherlands, Austria, Croatia, Hungary, Germany, Norway, the UK, and Spain.
In these evaluations, they’re using a broad evaluation framework called ‘Multi-Criteria Decision Analysis’ (MCDA). In an MCDA, the effectiveness of a care programme is measured on a broad scale of outcomes and compared to usual care. In an MCDA these outcomes are not only measured, but also weighted. The weights indicate how important a particular outcome is. These weights will be determined from five different perspectives: persons with multi-morbidity, informal caregivers, professionals, payers, and policy makers. By weighing the different outcomes, it becomes possible to make explicit whether a care programme is perceived as effective from each of these perspectives.
The goal is that this evaluation framework can also be used by others in the future. The average weights will therefore be made available in an online MCDA-tool. This way others can gain insight into the effectiveness of their integrated care programmes as well. The website with this online tool will be available circa summer 2018.
We would like to invite you to help us develop this broad MCDA evaluation framework. In order to come to these weights, we are looking for respondents for our online questionnaire. We are inviting you to complete this from your perspective as a…
…Professional: We define professionals in this study as persons that regularly provide care for persons with multi-morbidity;
…Payer: We define payers in this study as persons involved, either directly or indirectly, in the financing and payments of integrated care and/or care for persons with multi-morbidity;
…Policy makers: We define policy makers in this study as persons involved, either directly or indirectly, in policy-making or decision-making in health- and/or social care.
We would greatly appreciate your participation! Filling in the questionnaire takes about 20 minutes. Your perspective is important in the development of our evaluation framework.
Interested? Email us ( and tell us your profession, and we will send you the link to the questionnaire!
Are you interested in hearing more about the results of this research in the meantime? Email us (, and we can discuss the possibility for us to prepare a presentation at your organisation about the findings!

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