Call for chapters – new book on “Designing Integrated Care Ecosystems”

FINAL Call for Expressions of Interest in Writing a Book Chapter

Designing Integrated Care Ecosystems: A Socio-Technical Perspective
Bernard J Mohr & Ezra Dessers, Co-Editors

NB: Chapters are not due until November 1, 2017 But  Deadline for short Abstracts is July 31, 2017  – HOWEVER If You Need More Time to write your abstract, please contact Bernard J Mohr or Ezra Dessers 

OVERVIEW: This is an invitation to join a small community of pioneers – not just as individual authors, but as active collaborators – via collective “zoom” based conference calls and peer support.

This book will advance the literature on multi-organisational and multi-actor networks of care (i.e. care ecosystems) by specifically addressing the dual questions of:
• how do we (re)organize current care systems towards more integrated, more effective care provision
• and how do we do this in ways that benefit patients and their families, while also significantly increasing the quality of life for those who work within the care ecosystem.

We are interested in relational, systemic processes of co-creating integrated care systems that work for everyone. BOTH socio-technical and non socio-technical case stories are sought to help us understand and evolve socio-technical design theory and practice

Why this book and for whom is it being written?

Our ultimate purpose is the creation of a better care experience (relationally and clinically) for patients; a better workplace experience for all the clinical and non-clinical members of the care ecosystem; and greater affordability/accessibility at both the patient and societal level, through reduction in cost.

Our strategy to achieve this purpose involves using the book to describe, advance and expand the practice of relational, systemic processes for co-creating integrated care systems that work for everyone. We will explore (and hopefully advance) STS Design as a useful perspective through:
‐ Sharing stories about how using Socio-Technical Design Theory and Principles to design Integrated Care Ecosystems, can benefit patients and caregivers while also reducing cost of care;
‐ Summarizing the research to date;
‐ Developing a conceptual framework for design of Integrated Care Ecosystems based on STS Design theory and principles;
‐ Giving birth to a community of practice around STS Design of Integrated Care Ecosystems.
We see our primary audience as health care executives, managers and policy makers (i.e. those with the most capacity to unleash these ideas). This means that we are looking for that rare capability – being able to write in an easily accessible and yet concise and academically rigorous manner.
Our secondary audience is scholars, practitioners and students (i.e. those who can expand, support and contribute to the evolution of these ideas).

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