Call for abstracts for the European Health Policy Group’s next meeting has been extended

The next EHPG meeting will be in Bologna hosted by Valentine Di Gregori (Gvm Care and Research) and Professor Cristina Ugolini (Advanced School for Health Policy, University of Bologna) on 11 and 12 April 2019. More information on the logistics of the meeting will be provided soon.

The specific theme of the meeting will be “health and care in the age of digitalisation”. We interpret this theme broadly, covering technological change and health data, as well as any aspect of national policy and strategies concerning digital health innovations, governance of health technology, diffusion of innovations and culture change in health and social care, implications of e-health (tele consultation, monitoring, etc.) on healthcare practice, organisation and cost, and the politics of digitalization.

As usual, there will be also space for papers on other topics, so do not hesitate to contact us if you have an idea of a paper. We encourage multidisciplinary papers and those presenting novel approaches to, or new considerations of long-lasting subjects. Papers taking a cross-country comparative angle will be especially welcome.

Please send abstracts to Zeynep Or by December 28, 2018. We will advise authors whether or not they have been successful before mid-January. Full papers need to be ready for distribution by April 1, 2019.

European Health Policy Group (EHPG)

The EHPG exists to support further research and collaboration across Europe to help ensure improvements in health and health care.

The meeting uses an unusual and engaging format to provoke discussion and support the development of the research studies discussed. Each paper is presented by a meeting attendee who has not been involved in the research. They outline their thoughts on the study and provide challenge and critique to the author, before opening up for further discussion with the audience. Papers are sent to all attendees in advance of the meeting, and everyone is encouraged to share their reflections on the findings. This leads to a stimulating discussion that allows participants from across Europe to share ideas and learn from each another.

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