Call for evidence on Integrated Care

Call for evidence on integrated care initiatives in the EU, Norway and Iceland.

The project follows-up on work done by the Health System Performance Assessment (HSPA) Expert Group in the development of an assessment framework for integrated care and has the two main purposes:
Purpose 1: to review progress on integration of care in the European Union at national and regional level, by:
• Analysing the level of penetration or adoption of integrated care models in health systems; and
• Analysing the readiness of health systems to successfully implement integrated care.
• Purpose 2: to propose and test a framework of indicators to assess the performance of integrated care.

The starting point of this project is to map out existing integrated care interventions or full scale integrated care models across European health systems. In order to do a comprehensive mapping, we have issued a call for evidence to collect data on integrated care initiatives (interventions, programmes or models, strategies or policies) at national, regional and local level in all EU Member States, Norway and Iceland:

• This article provides the background to the call for evidence

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