ROSIA (which stands for Remote RehabilitatiOService for Isolated Areas), will deliver a comprehensive service to patients in need of rehabilitation, enabled by cutting-edge technology, new care pathways and community support. ROSIA is ready to purchase the design of a technology-enabled all-in-one service, flexible enough to adapt to a large variety of European health-care systems, and which will allow the full development of ROSIA’s model – complementing existing public resources with a public-private partnership.

The three European public procurers participating in ROSIA are planning to invest, via a Pre-Commercial Procurement instrument (PCP), up to 3.9M€ to develop an ICT Innovation Ecosystem to meet telerehabilitation needs in isolated areas.

In preparation for the PCP’s call for tender, and starting 12 July, ROSIA will conduct an Open Market Consultation (OMC) to design the tender’s requirements incorporating the market’s input.

ROSIA is looking for:

  • Companies developing technological solutions that could be useful in telerehabilitation.
  • Companies that provide open platforms able to support these kinds of services.
  • Companies that manage community services related to telerehabilitation.
  • Companies that monitor engagement and motivation.
  • Companies willing to coordinate and promote a consortium.

You can…

  1. Participate filling in the ROSIA OMC Questionnaire
  2. Make your organization visible with ROSIA Matchmaking tool
  3. Solve questions reading the OMC Q&As section
  4. Come on board, visit

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