Congratulations to IFIC Scotland partners in the Scholl Academic Centre

“Congratulations to IFIC Scoland partners in the Scholl Academic Centre for launching the final report of a comprehensive Needs Assessment for the Isle of Man Plan for Integrated Palliative and end of life care”

On Monday 23rd November 2020 Hospice Isle of Man was delighted that Minister for Health and Social Care, David Ashford formally launched their Scholl Academic Centre’s findings from the Needs Assessment, ‘Integrated Palliative and End of Life Care for the Isle of Man 2020’ amongst esteemed guests including His Excellency the Lieutenant Governor, Sir Richard Gozney and the Chief Minister.

The Needs Assessment is the evidence base for the work outlined in ‘From Vision to Reality: The Island Plan for Integrated Palliative and End of Life Care 2018-2023’. The Island’s plan was created by the Strategic Partnership Steering Group (SPSG), a group led by Hospice Isle of Man with the Department of Health and Social Care and Council of Voluntary Organisations.

Over the last two years Hospice’s researchers from the Academic Research Team of the Scholl Academic Centre have brought together data from multiple sources to understand what is currently working well and what needs remain to be met.  This has included engaging with people in our community to find out what matters to them so as to better understand and develop Integrated Palliative and End of Life Care on our Island.

Minister of Health & Social Care, David Ashford MBE formally launched our Needs Assessment yesterday, saying:

“We must not underestimate the amount of work that has gone into this document. It has been absolutely phenomenal across various organisations and it shows the best of people coming together from different specialties for the good of our Island. I’d like to say a huge thank you to everyone that’s been involved. It’s a huge step forward and there’s a lot more work to be done in order for us to deliver, but today we celebrate where we have got to with this document.”

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