Congratulations to the Winners of the WCIC3 Integrated Care Awards

Congratulations to the winner of the IFIC Integrated Care Best Paper Award, Dr Tamar Chitashvili for her paper on the ‘Rationale for improving integrated service delivery: reduced cost and improved care in Georgia’. Dr. Chitashvili has been leading USAID funded Applying Science to Strengthen and Improve Systems (ASSIST) project in Georgia aiming to improve quality of integrated prevention and treatment services for high burden NCDs and respiratory tract infections (RTIs) in the country during 2011-2014. Currently she is based at the URC headquarters, the US and is leading MNCH/FP and NCD technical portfolio within Global USAID ASSIST project.Dr Chitashvili will receive prize money of $1,000.

The Best Poster Award with prize money of $500 was presented to Maria Alice Lima, Professor at the School of Nursing/Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil for her work on ‘Care transitions from the Emergency Department to home for patients with chronic illness’. Runner up best poster award with prize money of $250 went to Yazmin Dávila, Cenaprece/Salud, Mexico for her poster on ‘Concordancia en la notificación de casos con Tuberculosis y VIH, una herramienta para fortalecer la atención integrada de las personas con la co-infección en México’

The IFIC Integrated Care Awards were selected based on quality of content, orginality and quality of presentation. The awards are supported by the Foundation and are in recognition of the advancement of the science, knowledge and adoption of integrated care policy and practice.

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