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IFIC’s webinars are organised in cooperation with IFIC’s partners including our Hubs and Special Interest Groups (SIGs). In light of the current COVID-19 strains on health and care staff we believe that prioritising public health protection and service delivery are our shared priority right now. As such all the pre-planned and scheduled IFIC webinars have been postponed until further notice. However, as stated above, there will be a special series of COVID-19 focused webinars whilst we continue to work with our partners to monitor the ongoing situation. New dates for all the following planned webinars will be announced in due course:

  • IFIC Scotland – all webinars postponed to the Autumn
  • Digital Health Enabling Integrated Care SIG – Scale and Spread Challenge facing digital health technologies in integrated care (19 March – postponed to future date tbc)
  • IFIC Canada Virtual Community – Scale and Spread of Integrated Care Part 2 (22 April and postponed to 13 May)
  • IFIC Ireland – Inclusion, Health and Understanding, the Social Determinants of Health (2 April and postponed to 11 August)

ICIC20 – Croatia

Due to travel restrictions in place, COVID-19 has directly impacted the hosting of ICIC20 – the 20th International Conference on Integrated Care that was due to take place in the beautiful city of Šibenik from 27-29 April. While we are not able to physically host the conference in Croatia we are working with our hosts to provide an alternative offer to take place virtually. The dates and format will be announced when we have a better understanding of presenter and delegate availability and capacity and whilst we recognise the interactive, networking and meaningful experience of our physical conference will not be fully replaced, we hope you’ll join us in this opportunity to embrace innovation and change.

We would like to thank everyone involved for their patience and understanding in this regard and look forward to sharing with you a full programme of online learning and networking opportunities, that will include content and opportunities for discussion relating to the COVID-19 response. We will shortly be contacting all presenters to re-organise the programme and content in light of recent and ongoing developments in the global response to COVID-19. Behind the scenes IFIC and our Croatian hosts are working with our long-term conference partners Abbey and Switch New Media to investigate the best platforms to support such an event and are committed to providing a great experience for our hosts, partners, presenters and delegates. All registrations for the conference will be transferred to the new dates. If you didn’t have the opportunity to register already, don’t worry we will be accepting new registrations in due course. Please stay tuned for further developments in the coming weeks.

IFIC Ireland National Forum – Dublin

The National Forum on Integrated Care in Ireland due to take place in Dublin on 6 May has unfortunately been cancelled with no current plans for a new date. We will monitor the situation in Ireland closely and work with our IFIC Ireland partners to look at alternative dates or formats in due course.

ISSIC20 – Oxford

The International Summer School Integrated Care (ISSIC) which was due to take place in Oxford from 29 June to 3 July 2020 is now also on hold. IFIC are working on a new model of online learning that will be offered to prospective summer school delegates in the autumn. Further announcements will be made shortly.

NACIC2020 – Toronto

At this time the NACIC2020, the 1st North American Conference on Integrated Care continues as planned to take place in Toronto from 5-7 October 2020. We are mindful that people are otherwise occupied with COVID-19 priorities and as such the call for papers will remain open until further notice. With our hosts, we are monitoring the situation closely and will make updates as required in due course.

ICIC21 – Antwerp

We are delighted to announce that ICIC21, the 21st Conference on Integrated Care will take place in association with the Agency for Care and Health (Flanders) from 5 -7 May 2021 at the Flanders Meeting and Convention Center, Antwerp. The official conference launch will take place in the coming months.

If you would like any questions or concerns relating to any of our events please contact Fiona Lyne, Director of Communications.

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