ERPIC Mentorship Program Round II 2021

ERPIC Mentorship Program Round II 2021 

 Call for Mentees 

We are launching the ERPIC Mentorship Program Round II in March 2021!

In 2019-2020, we launched our inaugural ERPIC Mentorship Program where some of you were matched to senior researchers and professionals in the field of integrated care for 10 months of mentorship. Given the positive feedback we received from participants as part of an evaluation of the program, we are launching Round II in March 2021.

Are you interested in participating in the next ERPIC Mentorship Program? If so, please send a Curriculum Vitae (CV) and a one-page presentation letter highlighting your motivation to participate. We also ask that you complete this survey to help us understand your interest and experience in the field of integrated care.

As a reminder, the ERPIC Mentorship Program is a strategy to match experienced researchers and/or professionals in the field of integrated care to emerging researchers and professionals in Integrated Care. The structure of the mentoring relationship is informal and depends on the commitment of mentors and mentees to discuss topics of common interest.

Although it is informal, you will be required to commit to at least 1 hour per month face-to-face time with your mentor, and to complete any prep work as required for the sessions with your mentor. The number of mentees we can accept onto the program is based on the number of mentors; proponents who did not participate in the program in 2019-2020 will be favored over previous participants, to allow equitable access to this enriching opportunity.

Please send your CV and presentation letter to and complete the survey by Friday 12th of February.

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