ERPIC to launch a Journal Club

During 2020 ERPIC underwent some changes: the two founding members of the executive team, Mudi Kadu and Henriikka Laurola, resigned due to an overload of commitments. Their passion and purpose endure as we forge ahead in fortifying the ERPIC network.

With this aim, we have created a Charter to formalize the aims, structure, and operations of ERPIC, including clarifying the connection with IFIC as our guiding entity. The finalized charter will be shared with our members in the new year.

In 2021, ERPIC is preparing to launch a new networking activity: ERPIC Journal Club! Beginning in February, every 2 months the ERPIC Journal Club will host discussion sessions with the author(s) of foundational academic articles on integrated care. Details will follow.

In March 2021, the second round of the ERPIC Mentorship Program will commence. A call will be advertised for Mentors and Mentees in January.

Book reviews are still open! In collaboration with IJIC, a list of books on integrated care to be reviewed is available. ERPIC members are invited to choose a book to review (a free copy will be sent to you) and your review will be published in IJIC.

The ERPIC Executive Team wishes a safe and joyous end of the year to all ERPIC members!

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Dr Nereide A. Curreri
President, ERPIC

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