EURIPHI survey

EURIPHI survey on countries and regions priorities to use rapid diagnosis for infectious disease


Euriphi is an EU-funded project introducing innovation and integrated solutions in health and care systems in Europe through cross-border value-based innovation procurement. IFIC are proud consortium partners of this project and would appreciate your time in filling out the following survey.

The objective of this survey is to clarify what are the areas highest in decision makers’ agenda in the field of bacterial, fungal and viral infectious diseases.

Information collected will be used in the framework of the EURIPHI EU H2020 project (GA n° 825922). Its aim is introducing innovative solutions using rapid diagnostics in care delivery by means of cross-border value-based innovation procurement.

Feedback will be used to know more about the interest of countries and regions to identify and prioritise unmet needs in the field of infectious diseases and to use innovative rapid diagnostics to face these unmet needs.

Therefore, feedback will help to understand whether these priorities are for ICUs (Intensive Care Units) and/or hospitals and/or community care settings.

Willingness to invest in innovative rapid diagnostics in the care pathway by Governments and regional/local health authorities will be explored as well.

With the information gathered, the EURIPHI consortium will:

  • Develop an overview of identification and prioritisation of unmet needs in the field of innovative rapid diagnostics for infectious diseases in Europe;
  • Update the Deliverable D1.1 ‘Mapping of Health Regions readiness for value-based PPI and mechanisms of identification of unmet health and health systems’ needs. Reflection paper of common vision on cross-border value-based PPI. Overview list of national-regional health authorities’ representatives for EURIPHI. Identification of current process of identification of unmet need’;
  • Identify the countries/regions willingness to co-invest in the field of innovative rapid diagnostics.

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