Workforce Development in Integrated Care a Global Perspective Recruitment invitation

Workforce Development in Integrated Care a Global Perspective Recruitment invitation

Researchers from the University of Sydney, Australia are leading a research study on workforce development in integrated care.

The overall aim of the project is to develop an international education framework for the health and social care workforce in integrated care. There are two phases to the research:

  1. A scoping review to identify what is already known about workforce development in integrated care including a list of competencies and models of training. This work has been completed.
  2. Consultation with global experts via:
    1. A Delphi study to validate competencies important to integrated care
    2. Individual interviews

The broad research questions for the consultation phase are:

  • What are the key competencies for integrated care?
  • How are these key competencies currently being implemented?
  • What are the best education models to implement these competencies?

As part of this agenda-setting the University invites you to participate in either the Delphi study or the interview or the Delphi study as well as the interview.

They would like to hear from as many education experts as possible from a very broad range of backgrounds so that we have a clear understanding of the competencies and education models in integrated care.

Please pass on the invitation to participate to other people that may be interested.

Please click here to access the survey (Delphi Study):

This also links to the project participant information sheets. To indicate your interest in participating in an interview or to find out more about the project please email Frances Barraclough

Download USYD Participant Information Sheet (Delphi Studies)

Download USYD Participant Information Sheet (Interviews)

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