Number of vacancies to become available on IFIC Board

Due to the expiration of terms of board members, the IFIC Board currently has vacancies for new board members. Appointments are to serve a three-year term, with the option for one re-appointment of three years. Appointment of the new members will be in September 2019.

The Foundation operates through the IFIC Executive. IFIC Executive is managed by an appointed CEO and includes three main directorates: Programmes, Communication and Operations & Finance. Since its formal establishment in 2011, through the IFIC Executive, the Foundation has expanded and grown its activities holding multiple well-known large-scale conferences every year, providing implementation support in multiple countries, a rich educational portfolio and multiple educational programmes.

IFIC is an international foundation and is governed, as such, by an international board that agrees on the allocation of tasks, priorities and specific powers. Its main duties are to agree on the mission, vision and objectives of the Foundation, to establish the values by which IFIC holds itself accountable and to ensure that the Foundation has the capacity to carry out its diverse range of activities, guaranteeing that IFIC has the availability of adequate financial resources to manage its affairs. The board appoints the Chief Executive Officer of IFIC Executive to whom powers are delegated for the daily management and running of affairs on behalf of the Board.

To renew IFIC’s governance, IFIC will establish a board of 10 to 13 persons to ensure the necessary international and thematic representation on the board.

Three seats will correspond to the role of chair, vice-chair/secretary and treasurer. Six seats will represent different regions of the world: Europe, the Americas, the Asian Pacific, Africa. Because of current representation and the preferred mix of regional presentation, candidates from the regions Australia, America, Asian Pacific and Africa are especially encouraged to apply. The remaining seats include board members who are linked to one of the four advisory committees who will help in setting the research and policy agenda of the foundation and who can support in signalling opportunities, developments or strategic topics that are relevant to the foundation. The committees are made up of the community/client committee, the science committee, the policy committee and the services (provider/payer/industry) committee. Board members may be appointed for specific needed capabilities and experience such as financial and business management experience and skills.

For the current positions we are seeking for candidates who have:

  • Extensive experience and knowledge of integrated care/services
  • Experience in active board membership positions (preferable)
  • An extended international network which is relevant for the mission of the foundation
  • The possibility to invest time and energy in board membership duties, attend all board meetings and perform related tasks
  • For the candidates their preferable expertise is as follows:

1) Policy Profile. This candidate is the link with the Policy committee. Policy refers to advanced experience on national or regional policy level, or expertise on international developments relevant for policy makers, local governance and governments.

2) Business Profile. This candidate has expertise in financial and business issues related to business in general or integrated care entrepreneurship and innovation in general. Other areas could be strategic business planning expertise, risk management experience in enterprises, industry knowledge, financial officer experience as a chief financial officer or in actively supervising a chief financial officer.

3) Science Profile. This candidate is the link with the Science committee and has a background in research with an extensive track record and international network in an appropriate field of science.

Interested candidates can apply by sending a personal motivation letter and a CV before Thursday, 30 May to Georgina Ferrer, Please refer in the letter to which sub-profile(s) you are applying for (1, 2 or 3). The application procedure will include a skype interview. The procedure will be finished before July 2019. A full day Board meeting will be held on 23/24 Sept, location, Utrecht, The Netherlands. Regarding questions about the procedure please contact Georgina Ferrer. Regarding other questions about this vacancies, please contact Prof. Mirella Minkman, vice-chair and secretary of the Board, at

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