IFIC CEO to provide expert advice in Taiwan

The Republic of China (Taiwan), a ’tiger economy’ of more than 23 million people, has been undergoing a strategic review of its health care system with the intention to initiate reforms that seek to embrace integrated and people-centred health services.

Our CEO, Prof. Nick Goodwin, has been invited as an international expert to visit Taiwan between October 23 and 26, 2018, as a guest of both the Health Ministry and Taiwan’s International Academy of Integrated Care (IAIC).

During his visit, Nick will be talking about the value of integrated care and its global development, whilst providing expert support and advice to eight programs of integrated care currently being initiated across Taiwan that seek to promote community-based interventions.

The visit seeks to develop a knowledge partnership between IFIC and IAIC as well as to scope out future opportunities in supporting the evaluation and development of Taiwan’s emerging integrated care model and the various education and training needs that result.

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