IFIC Consortium partners of EURIPHI Project


In 2019 IFIC became consortium partners of the ERUPHI project. The project Introduces innovation and integrated care solutions in Europe’s health and social care systems through cross-border value-based innovation procurement.

The Coordinating and Supporting Action EURIPHI (European Innovative Procurement of Health Innovation) aims to contribute to this change in area’s of interest in Europe and build out a common vision and enabling community of practice.

The EURIPHI consortium consists of top-notch European partners, representing leading public procurement organizations and providers, renowned academia and research institutions, outstanding associations and organizations, supported by key private companies.

11 leading Public Procurement Organizations covering more than 500 service providers throughout Europe.
Experts from academia, legal, business and European/International associations: University Antwerp, International Foundation of Integrated Care (IFIC), CMS UK, CMS Belgium, EMPIRICA, European Regional and Local Health Authorities (EUREGHA), Globrish, Federation Europeenne des Hopitaux des Soins de Sante (HOPE), reference sites collaborative network (RCSN) of EIP-AHA, Boston Consulting Group (BCG), MedTech Europe, University of Valencia, Wavestone.

IFIC Senior Fellow and Head of Research and Development Leo Lewis, presented at a consortium meeting which took place in Brussels on October 16.

For more information about EURIPHI visit their website here!

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