IFIC Director receives Medal of Honour Award

Congratulations to IFIC’s Director of Education and Training Dr Viktoria Stein who has received the Medal of Honour award from the European Forum Alpbach (EFA).

The decoration was presented to Dr Stein for her dedication to the European Forum Alpbach; for leading its summer school Professional Programme on European Health Care and Social Systems in Transition’ for the past 10 years and serving on its advisory committee for the health symposium.

Dr Stein said she was “honoured” to receive the award. She said: “This award recognised the paramount importance of offering international, inter-disciplinary and innovative teaching formats for graduate students and young professionals who want to challenge the status quo and improve their health and social services. Over the 10 years, the summer school was attended by more than 200 young people from over 40 countries, who took home with them not only an understanding of public health and integrated care, but also valuable international experiences and friendships.

The Medal of Honour was presented during the opening ceremony of the European Forum Alpbach, August 19 by EFA’s president and former EU Commissioner Dr Franz Fischler.
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